Sunday School

Our Children's Sunday School offers classes for children of all ages. It is a mixed-age program which rotates from Sunday to Sunday, but offers the same "Good Shepherds" (adult leaders) each Sunday.

It is our firm belief that a person's relationship with Jesus Christ begins at a very young age and is confirmed at a later time in one's life, and we do everything in our power to make this program exciting and fun for all children.

Junior Church

We offer a Junior Church program during our primary (10:45) worship service. Although we believe strongly in the family unit, including times of worship together, we also recognize the desire of some parents to have their child in a worship experience more on their own level.

   Greetings to Everyone! I am Rose Shreve and I live outside of Waynesboro. I have a wonderful husband Dave and two daughters. My 22 year old daughter Brook lives at home.

      I enjoy the outdoors, riding our horses, the beach and reading. I am currently an online student with Grand Canyon University pursuing a Master of Science degree in Professional Counseling. I have an AA degree in Elementary Education from Wilson College and a Bachelor degree in Child Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University.

       I accepted Jesus as my Savior at 8 years old and re-dedicated my life to the Lord at the age of 26. I am so grateful for all the Lord has done for me. I am really excited about working with the children as a ministry leader! I look forward to meeting everyone! I am better at remembering faces and not names but I will work hard at learning! Please be patient with me.